pho recipe

Beef: 500 grams

Beef bone: 2 kg

Onions: 200 grams

Fresh ginger: 100 grams

Onion: 6 bulbs

Cardamom: 2 fruits

Star anise: 2 flowers

Dried cinnamon: 5 grams

Cane: 2 internodes (each about 10 cm long)

Noodle cake: 500 grams

Scallions: 100 grams

Cilantro (coriander): 50 grams

Lemon: 2 fruits

Monosodium glutamate, fish sauce, salt, sugar, pepper, cooking oil, chili sauce, black soy sauce …

Types of herbs, prices, chili peppers …
How to cook delicious beef noodle soup at home

Wash cow’s bones. Boil water, let the bones crawl into the cellar. If the stew is high in fire, the broth will be cloudy, but sweet. During the tunnel, regularly collect foam. Beef bone stew for about 3 hours, then filter the broth. Keep aside.

Grilled with onions, red onions, ginger, sugarcane (left in the skin). After baking, clean the ginger and onions. Remove sugar cane shells. Wash the spices with clean water and drain. Cut the onions in half. Cut ginger. Sugarcane splitting makes 1×6 cm bars. Rinse the smell of roots.

Pick up onion and cilantro, rinse, puree.

Remove old leaves from herbs. Soak with diluted brine, rinse with clean water, drain.

Roasted star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, and seeds with low fire until the aroma arises. Put it all in a cloth bag, fasten your mouth.

Boil beef bone stew. For spices such as onion, pilgrim, ginger, sugarcane, odor root, bag of aniseed, cardamom, cinnamon, and smell seeds … When the water boils for about two minutes, season the taste.

Cut thin slices of beef in horizontal grain.

Quickly spread the noodles with hot water and place in a bowl. Put thin cuts of beef. Chan water used to make beef. Eat with raw vegetables, price, lemon, chili, chili sauce …
Note: when cooking beef noodle soup

When cooking bones, you can remove dirt by removing the first broth. The broth will be fragrant

You can cook a lot of broth and store it in the freezer for later.

If you like, you can marinate beef with a little pepper, monosodium glutamate.

You can turn into beef noodle soup by chopping beef beef before putting it in a bowl…

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pho recipe

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